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On 19th of February 2013, Elisa Lam (21) of British Columbia/Canada and student at University of British Colombia, was found deceased in a watercistern on top of Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles. She had been missing for nearly 3 weeks. A lot of signs and symbols surrounding her dissapearence and death, are remarkable to say the least.

On this page i collect all the strange coincidences surrounding the Elisa Lam case.



Lets start with taking a look at her name and the posibilities that we have to link events in time, simularities and some anagrams that can all be traced back to this the name of Elisa Lam,

Note: Hotel Cecil is located in downtown Los Angeles near infamous Skidrow. The hotel has a morbid history consisting of murder and suicide. It is said that the C.I.A and There also used to live 2 notorious serial killers. The area where the hotel is located, harbors a lot of homeless people and tuberculosis has been a problem for a few decades.

LAM ELISA is an anagram for ELISA LAM?

LAM-ELISA Is a Tuberculosis Diagnosis test using urine and Sutum samples to locate ttuberculosis in suspect patients infected by the decease.

“Together with a company that developed a prototype rapid direct antigen immunoassay detecting the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in clinical specimens such as urine, blood and sputum, we want to explore the sensitivity and specificity in an African clinical setting. Immunological assays detecting directly TB antigens or antibodies against TB have been identified as most promising candidates to substitute and complement smear testing.
In a first clinical evaluation the LAM assay has proven to have a high sensitivity and specificity in 231 patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and 103 healthy volunteers were screened with standard TB tests and with the new LAM-ELISA. Of 132 patients with confirmed pulmonary mycobacterial disease (positive sputum culture), 106 were positive using the LAM-ELISA (sensitivity 80.3%). In comparison, the sensitivity of acid-fast bacilli (AFB) sputum microscopy was 62.1% (82 of 132 confirmed cases).
Of the 231 patients, 17 were both culture- and AFB-negative, but had typical radiographic signs of pulmonary mycobacterial infection and did not respond to antibiotic treatment. Of these17 patients, 13 (76.5%) had positive LAM-ELISA test results…..”


Obviously there is more interesting findings concerning the tuberculose test LAM ELISA and Elisa who “just” happend to have the same name as the test and when’t missing in the very same area TB is claiming its victims for the past decades. The following Is quoted from

“[Taken from the Centre for Tuberculosis Research, University of British Columbia (sound familiar?), Vancouver: on Mycobacterium tuberculosis]”

“However, on July 23, 2012, The Lancet published encouraging new data about a drug combination called PaMZ whcih eliminated more than 99 percent of the bacteria within two weeks in a 85-person study. The research was executed at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and funded by The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development, a New York-based non-profit organization supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since PaMZ doesn’t contain isoniazid or rifampicin, the two main medicines used against TB, researchers hope that it may also provide a much-needed weapon against the MDR-TB strains (Business Week, 23 July 2012)”

“RE-wind. Bill Gates? What’s he doing in this story? Weapon–what an interesting word choice.”

“Go ahead, try typing Elisa Lam into the search engine. By page 20, have you seen mention of ELISA LAM being a critical drug test for tuberculosis? Or, anything about a potential TB outbreak? (Certainly last week when I performed the search, I really had to dig.)”

Interesting huh? well, there is more! The days following the discovery of her body, several newspapers reported about an outbreak of a resistant strain of tuberculose amongst the homeless in downtown L.A. The CDC (Centre Decease Control) has been approached to help keep the sudden outbreak under control.




There’s an odd correlation. Her death is eerily similar to the movie, “Dark Water“,  an japanese horror movie where an elevator and the  death of an asian girl who drowned in a watercistern ontop of an appartmentbuidling,  play a crucial role. The movie was remade for an american audience in  2005, starring Jennifer Connely.

Another thing that I noticed  is that when you use google maps and zoom in to Hotel Cecil, you can see that there is a company registered in the building. The Invisible Light Agency. Some will say that there is no connection at all between the case and The Invisible Light Agency. More reason for me to share this information.

Google maps Cecil Hotel and the Agency of Invisible Light.

Google maps Cecil Hotel and the Agency of Invisible Light.

Only image found on the Invisible Light Agency website.

Only image found on the Invisible Light Agency website… nice triangle ey?…

When you search the net you will find out that they do VFX specialising in lighteffects and “other realities”. The company is mentioned in an article dating back to 2011, where it’s explained what the activities of the Invisible Light Agency are. Anthony V. (linkdin)  is also mentioned. At this moment Anthony V.  is working as supervisor at Raytheon Missle Systems, a company that develops weapons. Besides the (fake)loginscreen on their website, you’ll also find a logo of triangles. The website obviously serves nothing, or nothing anymore. So, the big question is… what project is Anthony V. supervising nowadays?

All this just adds to the confusion, don’t you think?


When looking at chinese websites reporting the case of Elisa Lam, use google translate. You will notice that her name will translate to something like “Blue child” or “Child of blue”. Blue childeren is

– It is confirmed that Elisa was staying on the 4th floor of the Cecil. A person who was stayed on the 3rd floor  told that he heared a loud noise, like if something fell on the floor where Elisa was staying on the night she was last seen.

– Another man who was in the Cecil at the time Elisa was there and had his room on the 4th floor, said that police never asked him any questions.

– Seems that a lot of people see some sort of fuzzy moving shadow in the elevator itself. Most visible in the reflection of the door and doorpost. Others will say its because of the bad quality of the footage.

– What everyone does  agree on is that Elisa is talking to somebody who is not seen on the video and is trying to explain something to this person.


– Elisa sends a tweet on the 13th of january with an article in the Huffington Post about a Canadian company that is going to get support from the Pentagon to develop a cloaking material to make soldiers invisible.

Elisa's tweet from the 13th of january 2013, connecting cloaking technology to the mystery.
Elisa’s tweet from the 13th of january 2013.


– The development of cloaking technology, is a long running project between the United States and South-Korea.

– After the news of Elisa’s story when’t global, several facebook accounts suddenly appeared using her name. One of these accounts (Now Removed) was named “Lam Elisa” and was created on the 17th of february, when she was still missing but already dead. There was only one friend on this accounts friendlist. This singel friend on the list was an american male working for the U.S Army based in South-Korea...




 In 1889, writer Aleister Crowley wrote a poem called Jephtha while staying in the CECIL HOTEL in London.

Note: Jephtha was a Judge of Israel who burned his daughter, Seila, as a sacrifice.

NOTE: Jephtha”s daughter is not named in the Bible. However, the Pseudo Philo does name her.

Wikipedia) “It includes a lament about the symbolic human sacrifice of Jephthah’s daughter, with the daughter being the singer. Commentators have noted that the characterisation of the daughter is (like other female characterisations in Pseudo-Philo) much stronger and more positive than that of her biblical counterpart.[7] She has a name (Seila), and her role is as wise and willing, rather than passive and reluctant, participant. One commentator has observed that ‘the author has done his utmost to put this woman on the same level as the patriarchs, in this case especially Isaac’.[8]”

The daughter of Jephtha  is  SEILA

SEILA means “asked for “.

SEILA is an anagram for ELISA?

– Source


Some words are in Middle English. Use a dictionary and see, think in to it,.. think about the setting and faith of Elisa (rip).


-Let my LAMp, at midnight hour,


-Where I may oft outwatch the Bear

– The spirit of Plato, to unfold.

– What Worlds, or what vast Regions hold

– The immortal mind that hath forsook


– And of those Daemons that are found

– In fire, air, flood, or under ground,

– Whose power hath a true consent.

– With Planet, or with Element.

– Some time let Gorgeous Tragedy

– In Sceptr’d Pall come sweeping by.”

– “Il Penseroso.”

Read the Spirit of Plato as mentioned here above. There are some intresting things in there, and If you have peeked  at some posts on one of her blogs, you will notice many simularities with what the Spirit in Plato is, and the struggles with herself whitch she is describing.
The Spirit of Plato:

“Plato’s tripartite theory of soul is a theory of soul proposed by the ancient Greek philosopher in his treatise the Republic. In it, Plato argues that the soul is composed of three parts: the appetitive, the rational, and the spirited. These three parts of the soul also correspond to the three classes of a just society. Individual justice consists in maintaining these three parts in the correct balance, where reason (aided by spirit) rules, and appetite obeys.”


Somehow it is also possible to find LAM when exploring Aleister Crowley’s world a bit further.


“According to Thelemic legend, in 1918 Aleister Crowley came into contact with a interdimensional entity named LAM. Who by the way is a dead ringer for the popular conception of the ‘alien grey ‘ depicted on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s Communion. From this purported encounter, some have inferred that the industrious Mr. Crowley intentionally opened a portal of entry–through the practice of a magick ritual. The Amalantrah Working–which allowed the likes of LAM and other ‘alien grays a passageway onto the Earth plane. Furthermore, this portal may have been further enlarged by Parsons and Hubbard in 1946 with the commencement of the Babylon Working, thus facilitating a monumental paradigm shift in human consciousness. Sex and rockets”


Wikipedia) Aleister Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947), born Edward Alexander Crowley, and also known as both Frater Perdurabo and The Great  Beast 666, was an English occultist, mystic, ceremonial, magician, poet and mountaineer, who was responsible for founding the religious philosophy of Thelema. In his role as the founder of the Thelemite philosophy, he came to see himself as the prophet who was entrusted with informing humanity that it was entering the new Aeon of Horus in the early 20th century.

The Unicursal Hexagram is one of the common symbols of Thelema Cult

The Unicursal Hexagram is one of the common symbols of Thelema Cult

“The word “Thelema” itself is the English transliteration ofthe Koine Greek  noun “will”, from the verb  to will, wish, purpose. In the New Testament as well as the works of Plato, Thelema includes the ideas of will, choice, inclination, desire, including sexual desire, and pleasure

Edward Alexander Crowley. Occultist, poet, novelist.

Edward Alexander Crowley. Occultist, poet, novelist.

As Crowley developed the religion he wrote widely on the topic, producing what are collectively termed the Holy Books of Thelema. He also included ideas from occultism, Yoga and both Eastern and Western mysticism, especially the Qabalah.”






Take a look at the button sequence that Elisa pushes in the Elevator. Most people on the net seem to agree that she pressed buttons: 14, 10, 7, 4, B and Block/Hold. 

Buttonpanel of the elevator in Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles.

Buttonpanel of the elevator in Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles.

Read the Bible  John Chapter 4 and then verse 7, 10 and 14.

(New King James Version)

A Samaritan woman meets her messiah

(John 4:7) A woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her “Give me a drink” For his disciples had gone away into the city to buy food.

(John 4:10) Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of god, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.

(John 4:14) but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”


ELISA is a biblical name and means “God’s promised”/”God’s dedicated

LAM is lamb as in the Lamb of god.

(Romans 8:3; Hebrews 10) “When Jesus is called the Lamb of God in John 1:29 and John 1:36, it is referring to Him as the perfect and ultimate sacrifice for sin. In order to understand who Christ was and what He did, we must begin with the Old Testament, which contains prophecies concerning the coming of Christ as a “guilt offering” (Isaiah 53:10). In fact, the whole sacrificial system established by God in the Old Testament set the stage for the coming of Jesus Christ, who is the perfect sacrifice God would provide as atonement for the sins of His people.”

I AM SEAL is an anagram for ELISA LAM?

(Rev. 6:7-8) “When he broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth animal shout, ‘Come’. Immediately another horse appeared, deathly pale, and its rider was called Plague, and Hades followed at his heels. They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill by the sword, by famine, by plague and wild beasts.












(always editting and updating)

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  1. Reblogged this on Elisa Lam, Latest Psychiatrist Murder and Conspiracy Crime Victim and commented:
    We have many thoughts in common.

    self-defense against psychiatrist psychological murder

    03/03/2013 at 04:04

    • Tiffany Jenks October 8th 2013 in Portland Oregon was killed after telling me that “They wanted to kill her” and then 4 hours after she was dead, her background and Job running the dams for America makes this Illuminati story unreal, maybe a fake murder who knows but her family drove her dead body in the car for 5 hours and her mom sent me a picture of her dead. Tiffany also knew she was moving to the next life… John


      08/10/2015 at 02:21

    • please email me I want to share some recordings with you


      08/10/2015 at 02:29

  2. […] The Hermit is also the  initiation process for becomming a  member  within Thelema cults like Goldendawn. You know… the cults i mentioned before with the religion based on the works of occultist  Aleister Crowley, the guy from the “coincidentally” fitting poem “Jephtha“ […]

    • Anthony V. Superimpose the V on the A and it forms the The Unicursal Hexagram of the Thelema Cult. On Friday (All Saints Day) the LAX shooter was named Paul ANTHONY Ciancia (Ciancia root word is Cinq- i.e. spanish numeral 5) — Anthony V. connection. Also, the day before the LAX shooting two members of the GOLDEN DAWN political party were shot in Greece. | Find the others. Find me on FB @ jacques payens.

      Jacques Payens

      04/11/2013 at 04:37

  3. chilling

    Orly Frank

    06/03/2013 at 04:17

    • Chilling with a lot of questionmarks, yes!


      10/03/2013 at 22:28

  4. What’s your background, Man?
    Please find any post you like on my blog and link back to me.

    self-defense against psychiatrist psychological murder

    10/03/2013 at 21:56

    • Hello, thank you for your replies and link. Yes I am male from european union occuppied netherlands. I will link back if i find out how ok


      10/03/2013 at 22:26

    • i like your name Tiffany. Jenks. was under mind control by her therapist whom I might add is still practicing his so called magic Jonathan. W. of Portland in the recordings I have he tap tap tap follow the yellow brick road the problem with Murder in Oregon is the police refused even the most basic facts Tiffany had her killers name in her phone Josher and 503xxxxxxxx now if I re do her cell, it had that inside that alone might tell you her murder is not correctly solved they want me to stop telling the truth that her family is in this new world order cult and she ran the dams for BPA listen to the facts in this case and soon it will be under her


      02/12/2015 at 05:24

  5. You did a brilliant job.
    If I were the police, I would want to interview Anthony Vu of Invisible Light, whose company could be a front.
    He could be CIA, maybe something to do with supplying missiles or munitions to countries like China or Korea.

    I think Elisa was an MK Ultra in spy training, and she was whacked when she was no longer useful.
    Saw her January 13 Twitter post on the military which was unusual..
    The Hotel Cecil’s name: Cecil means ‘blind’ or ‘six’ .
    ‘In the land of the blind eye, the one eyed man is king’ from Country of the Blind by H. G. Wells.
    Who is the ‘One Eyed Man’?
    The eye in the pyramid, which is Illuminati, the All Seeing Eye. Anthony Vu has the triangle as his logo and ‘6’ is an occult number(as in 666).
    The hotel has probably long been involved in CIA, Illuminati and other sordid activities.
    The killer has seen the Japanese version of Dark Water, is involved in Illuminati activities and the murder was planned.
    She died under the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer and placed in a water cistern.
    Elisa was also seen at The Last Bookstore near the hotel before she died. The name is interesting.


    17/03/2013 at 17:47

    • Tiffany. Jenks. was a monarch slave running the dams and the cops have warned me ill be next but whatever they got to do, kill me I don’t care I just hope someday the courts cops all go to jail for murder in this murder they kill a lot of people and get away with it.


      02/12/2015 at 05:26

  6. A couple of other things.
    Elisa mentions in the post card to her friend that something was creeping her out, and I think she said once that she was worried about Mexican and Italian stalkers.
    She had to have been involved in covert activities, a spy in training.

    Clearly she was impaired by whatever she ingested that night, and the killer disabled the elevator, then played cat and mouse with her.
    The killer was a professional, and knew how to make her death look like an accident.

    More on elevators. Stumbled on a post dated January 31 2009 from the MK Culture blog about elevators, a Madonna video with Britney Spears trapped in an elevator, which for MK Ultra slaves like Britney represents inability to access parts of the compartmentalized, traumatized mind.

    Maybe another reference to Elisa Lam’s condition as an MK Ultra/ Manchurian Candidate.
    . Elisa’s death could also be a message to the Chinese about upcoming bio-terrorism as I think the CIA wants to start a war with them, partly due to the to economy.
    I just looked at some assessment by James Rickards of the CIA on ‘currency wars’ and an upcoming ‘economic Pearl Harbor’ and how China is buying gold which is killing the American dollar.
    So many fucking layers deep…..


    20/03/2013 at 03:04

    • The elevator thing is actually a programmed function. It’s called auto-cancellation or Anti-nuisance. It’s mainly for those shitty kids that get in an elevator and press every single button to annoy people. When you do that to an elevator it shuts down, times out and resets. Ask your local elevator technician. Otherwise, I’m totally intrigued by this story. I’m thoroughly creeped out.


      20/10/2014 at 22:02

    • You guys are digging way too deep. She was bi-polar, suffered from severe depression, and either purposefully or accidentally killed herself. She’s no spy


      25/04/2015 at 08:12

  7. im the one who found raytheon patents on cloaking and posted to glp. just looking around for update on invisible light and found this odd video fits right in with crowly and babylon working l. ron hubbard, process church, satanism


    03/07/2013 at 05:15

  8. Reblogged this on mandy meche Scardino .


    24/07/2013 at 11:21

  9. I applaud you on your wise avoidance of the MK ULTRA/BILL GATES plot of spellchecking your blog posts before posting them.

    Lama Lies

    27/10/2013 at 14:01

  10. Great work here on exposing the almost unbelievable coincidences, the footage is really interesting as ex military have seen first hand some personal optic camo etc the distortion on the elevator video is almost obviously another operative there in camo also had a look into Raytheon and ILA raytheons website has this statement – ‘Seeing through walls. Hearing in 3D. Feeling footsteps. From handheld radars to satellite cameras, Raytheon makes its customers all-knowing and all-seeing.’
    Wow interesting choice of words you’ve opened a can of worms here in terms of evidence stay safe keep up the good work! J

    Jimmy G

    17/11/2013 at 05:24

  11. Where were the other cameras? There had to be more then 1 camera in the hotel.

    Irish Clown

    11/12/2013 at 22:45

  12. First off, great work… really in depth theories. Excellent job man. I also came across this in the LA Times Blog on the case, posted in the comments section by a Nate Bentley from Facebook:

    “You are all making me angry with these stupid conspiracies. How many of you have ever been to skid row? How many of you have ever tried booking a hotel in Los Angeles and the Cecil was top of the list as the cheapest per night? None of you commenting are taking her death as hard as I am because I lived in the Cecil for a month before escaping my own death. Last summer, I ran away after dropping out of college and ended up at the cecil because it was all I could afford. While I was there, I was nearly raped, assaulted, charged for possession, theft, and fraud. I was robbed and my life was threatened. The police would not help me and so I went into hiding days before my flight would leave. Her death effects me because no one knows more about what you experience there more than the ones who actually stayed there!
    There is no evil cult! Only a god damn sex offender on the 10th floor who calls himself Alvin Taylor and his adopted son Aiden who is a definitely a manipulative criminal who will do anything for money and who I also suspect in this case with Elisa… I’m speaking out about this because I honestly do believe that he is still trying to find me and I honestly do believe that her death is involved with him.”

    Just look in the top comments section. Source:

    I hope that is something to help out. I will be following closely.

    PS. Did you see that ghost photo that was taken by my friends son at the Cecil, it was on the local news last night:

    I have the original photograph if you like.


    29/01/2014 at 02:09

  13. What an enormous pile of bullshit!
    funny thou


    14/03/2014 at 08:22

  14. A few days before, I was writing a paper about conspiracy theories of Elisa Lam’s death and I found this website. You introduced 5 conspiracy theories and base on the does the theories convince me, I am going to review this website.
    The first theory is about Tuberculosis diagnosis test. You wrote “Lam Elisa is an anagram for Elisa Lam?” and “Lam-Elisa is a Tuberculosis diagnosis test using urine and sutum(sputum) samples to locate ttuberculosis(tuberculosis) in suspect patients infected by the decease”. Also, there is a outbreak of tuberculosis in the area that Elisa Lam died. Well, according to CDC, the tuberculosis rate of CA is higher than the States average. Also, because of lack of health care, homeless have higher rate of getting tuberculosis. The death happen in downtown LA, which has a great homeless population. Also, according to Auda Fare, who public “Seasonality of Tuberculosis” on US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, tuberculosis always had outbreak in Spring and Summer. So it is really reasonable that there is a outbreak in downtown LA of Tuberculosis in February. Then, let’s just assume it wasn’t a coincident of Elisa’s death and the tuberculosis outbreak. What is the relationship? You didn’t mention any clear relationship in your blog. What you said is: “Obviously … decades” and “interesting huh? … control” Well if there is a outbreak CDC should help out. You even mention there is a relationship with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the following paragraph. Since the foundation is a charity foundation, it is reasonable that they offer fund to the research of tuberculosis.
    The second part is about The Invisible Light Agency. You said there is a business located in the hotel with a strange website. I checked google map as you did and it does not exist. Maybe you will say that it is a part of the conspiracy, but maybe it is just a bankrupt company that didn’t finish their website.
    Then is the most interest part. The tweet. Before the disappearing, Elisa forward a tweet which is about Canadian company got fund from Pentagon for developing invisible soldiers. This one is the only one that convince me.
    The fourth and the last one is about bible. Oh my god why everything is about bible. It is a huge book. You can almost make up a relationship between bible and everything. If you give me a Encyclopedia Britannica, i can write a book called The World Is about Encyclopedia Britannica.
    In conclusion, your blog is not logical and cannot convince me and it develop some terrible theory about a poor woman’s death.


    17/03/2014 at 14:51

  15. Weird also that she was missing three weeks before the 19th but you can find posts in many of her websites on dates like the 8th of the same month.


    21/03/2014 at 05:50

  16. Making soldiers invisible, You can not fight what you can not see, virus.
    Holmes and Lanza both were scheduled to testify against Gate’s boss;s Rothchilds/LIBOR case.
    Theater…Children in a school….Then a threat that they can place these viruses in the food supply anytime they want because all processed food is full of chemicals from Phizer, Pharmacia, Monsanto and Searl.
    And they are the major shareholders of these companies. Our soldiers are being held hostage by a cartel that places puppets in government, owns the media, and threatens to kill Americans with viruses by actually killing American children to prove it. And we have to put up with it because they control the number to buy and sell that we are forced to take into our hands…

    Jack Wade

    18/04/2014 at 05:40

  17. mkultracecil

    10/05/2014 at 20:54

  18. Good job, excellent findings. I’m starting to wonder whether virtually every televised murder or other bizarre occurrence is related to mkultra directly.
    This book is incredibly disturbing but one of the most informative things I have ever set eyes on. The chapter list is at the bottom of the page


    31/05/2014 at 00:41

    • The people that will always say mind control is not real, or that your nuts they always do that, lie a robot for the NWO they follow any posts to make you give up on your Mind control story. they do not think its real, they are the ones doing that to people. they should stop chatting but if they did not lie and say its fake, they would not have a job. and everyone would already know its real. Tiffany Jenks Monarch Slave for the New World Order…


      18/12/2015 at 14:12

  19. Another place you will find lam is the first 3 letters of Malaysia. As in maylasia flight MH370

    Daniel Kime

    31/05/2014 at 18:25

  20. Another place you will find lam is the first 3 letters of Malaysia. As in malaysia flight MH370 or maleficient the angelina jolee occultic movie in theatres today.

    Daniel Kime

    31/05/2014 at 19:14

  21. The poor girl clearly had mental health issues, no doubt sparked by loneliness. I have worked with many people with similar conditions and it isn’t funny nor an opportunity to spout stuff about aliens/satanists etc. without properly investigating the more rather mundane facts.

    She should have been given help for her paranoia/schizophrenia. The case is so sad, but quite routine for mental health workers.

    Tim Harper

    02/06/2014 at 08:50

    • If she is having a psychotic episode/trauma, Tim, she is doing it in the presence of someone whose shadow moves into the frame and quickly out (and to whom she is addressing in the hall). She was not alone. Said that, I agree with the essence of what you’re saying about the respect to Elisa, although I cannot be so assured this was entirely caused by psychosis. Psychosis here, if it was here, seems to be an effect, not a cause.

      Duir Bran

      30/03/2015 at 08:17

    • I agree with the post above. There are insane theories with no real evidence to substantiate them. What is fact is the poor girl was bipolar, suffered from severe depression, and I wish she had been traveling with a loved one. RIP


      25/04/2015 at 08:39

    • I agree with Tim. The theories above are ridiculous with no proof to substantiate them. I deal in facts. The facts about this poor girl is she was bipolar, suffered from severe depression, and most likely was alone when she died. I only wish she had been traveling with a loved one. RIP


      25/04/2015 at 08:51

  22. Read the autopsy report –
    It states clearly that her clothes were found with her but not on her. They list all the clothing items in detail, including footwear and wristwatch.
    So presumably she either entered the tank clothed and then removed her clothing or entered the tank nude and the clothing followed in one way or the other.
    I think it’s fair to assume that they can tell the difference between whether the person drowned and whether the lungs became saturated with water post-death, although I’m speaking without any knowledge of forensic science.
    Although there are some extremely bizarre synchronicities and connections in this case, I’m starting to lean towards the belief that she had some type of weird episode and entered the tank of her own free will. Once in the water of course, she had no way of reaching the hatch, so she just had to tread water for as long as possible whilst shouting for help. There was nobody around to hear and she got very cold, eventually running out of energy and then drowning.
    Either that or someone from The Invisible Light Agency was having fun with an invisibility cloak he borrowed from an Illuminati-initiated LAPD officer, who also had prior knowledge of the impending TB outbreak on Skid Row and that the test kit for the disease is called LAM-ELISA. He was also a fan of the Japanese horror movie Dark Water, and enjoyed satanic symbology studies in his spare time.

    Sir Cecil Crowley-Lam Esq. (no relation)

    12/07/2014 at 17:09

    • there is no TB outbreak , he lam elisa test is used for MANY diseases. it is an enzyme assay and can be used to detect a lot of things. including EBOLA

      Hell Aviv

      02/01/2015 at 07:24

  23. 👀

    Pakorn Lam

    01/09/2014 at 00:44

  24. I think she must have done that Elevator Ritual and she spoke to the women that you are not suppose to speak to. Apparently it’s a scary Korean ritual game that is suppose to bring you to another world by pressing a sequence of numbers on the elevator. You must be alone. Check it out and research other peoples experience. I bet you she did it and it went wrong. There are striking similarities to what happens in the surveillance video.


    01/09/2014 at 20:09

  25. Do not know what happened to Elisa except to say, she was in a very bad neighborhood of LA.

    God rest her soul!! I am sure that will remain a mystery forever.

    Joyce Yagoda

    11/11/2014 at 10:06

  26. Elisa lam was a spy who was involed in olympics as a small child later on, she was used for the Asian version of the mkultra she was murdered. An asset. The guy who stayed on the 4th floor with her was part of the south Korean government in conjunction with the cia. He wasn’t questioned because he was sent to silence her and make it seem like suicide, he’s in his late thirstys was wearing overalls and had some sort of badge.


    03/12/2014 at 13:03

  27. Also, if you google Crowley you’re likely to find a connection between him and L Ron Hubbard….Scientology. They’ve been known to convince others to go off their meds


    18/12/2014 at 19:28

  28. Have a look at the name of the president of Raytheon.


    20/03/2015 at 21:26

  29. Reblogged this on The Memetrix.

    The Memetrix

    28/03/2015 at 03:57

  30. I don’t believe there is any link between Elisa Lam and the name of the TB test, LAM ELISA.
    Mystery solved…

    The Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay, or ELISA, is a simple, sensitive, specific and quantitative platform that allows for the measurement of analytes in diverse biological matrices. The ELISA platform is particularly attractive since it requires only basic research tools to perform, can accommodate numerous samples in a short time frame, and is relatively inexpensive.

    Lipoarabinomannan – LAM – is a cell wall lipopolysaccharide specific for the genus Mycobacterium.
    Urinary lipoarabinomannan (LAM) detection is a promising approach for the rapid diagnosis of active tuberculosis (TB).

    Bibi Boe

    30/08/2015 at 23:05

  31. The line in the poem:

    “-Where I may oft outwatch the Bear”

    reminded me of one of her photos in Instagram:

    which she titled “Grizzly Bear know how to put on a show. The lighting was perfect. This is my usual view at a show”.

    One of the band members is named Christopher Bear (although it is unclear whether the name of the band actually had anything to do with his name). CHRISTopher Bear?



    01/09/2015 at 22:20

  32. Does any one else think she went to the roof but people were already on it and the people on the roof killed her


    16/09/2015 at 11:03

  33. Am i the only who thinks that while she was in the elevator vid that she was high, so after that she had went on to the roof and met some people who the threw her into the tank or saw her get in the tank and locked it on her. Considering how long she was in the tank most evidence would be discernable also if she did meet someone up there maybe they knew about the footage and happened to have some sort of connection with either hotel security officals or the hotel manager then edited the footage so the LAPD would allow every one to be at ease. Well thats what i think happened also kinda late but i hope this gets to someone.



    16/09/2015 at 11:43

  34. This is the new


    25/09/2015 at 15:05

  35. Everything in this world is linked. The whole universe is working as 1.


    15/11/2015 at 15:13

  36. I have some interesting new aspects which shows some strong links between Elisa, Ramirez, Satanic worshship, cultism, illuminati…

    If you guys would like me to share please let me know.

    Vital Disclosure

    01/12/2015 at 06:08

    • I want to know also any help I can get with the Tiffany. Jenks. Murder is needed the police the DA all lied and now they want me to not tell the truth


      02/12/2015 at 05:47

    • I need your help we must work together I spent the past 2 years on the oct 8th 2013 murder of tiffany jenks in Oregon a ritual killing for new world order illumianti john 503 784 9430

      John S. Captain III


      John S Captain III

      02/12/2015 at 12:47

  37. got some new aspects to this…let me know if you would like to hear about it….

    Vital Disclosure

    01/12/2015 at 06:09

  38. hellp

    Vital Disclosure

    01/12/2015 at 09:44

  39. I have been folowing this story from the beginning. I was on the phone with my family watching them on the roof of the cecil. I lived across the street at the time. Still the spookiest story i know

    Caroline Marino

    17/12/2015 at 08:26

  40. Listen if you look her tumbler, there is a post from some called the walkin dude. This is the villain in the stephen king novel the dark tower and also he who walks behind the rows in children of the corn. I would love to know who has that handle. Elisa lam.

    Joshua karpowich

    28/12/2015 at 08:55

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