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“Canada government in preparation of Elisa Lam’s Sacrifice
The natural of conspiracy crime

A conspiracy crime takes years to complete.
It usually involves a number of people. The whole project divide into pieces. Each one of them only complete a small portion of whole project. It is a social project, called ‘social engineering’ or ‘Social control’
It costs tremendous amount of funding.(ALL CITIZEN PAY FOR IT BECAUSE EVERYONE PAYS TAX.)
The purpose is always political and religion related.(The government want reinforce religion beliefs in controlling public.Traumatizing public is for control purposes. Public is more easy to be controlled after mental trauma. The effect of mental trauma pretty much equals a physical beaten. Modem social control targeted human brain, rather than human body traditionally.)
Illegal home surveillance and advanced surveillance device must be used in mind program the target, includes but not limited to high definition cameras at different angles, listening device, ultrasound device, far red-ray device, noise makers within walls. Anyway, the house has been renovated to function like a big medical machine, and the target lives in such machine without knowledge and concern…………..”

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12/03/2013 at 11:23

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  1. Right, now they’re hijacking people’s brains instead of destroying their bodies.


    16/03/2013 at 19:36

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