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ELISA LAM & Tuberculosis Outbreak U.S Civil Detention Plan No Longer Secret

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Tuberculosis Outbreak U.S. Civil Detention Plan No Longer Secret
by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

March 4, 2013 22:22:42 Updated ( Originally Published: February 28, 2013, )

“Los Angeles – February 28, 2013 – It has been like an evening out-of the Twilight Zone. No sooner having written and published a report on the Tuberculosis outbreak of a rare strain found amongst a growing number of about 5,000 homeless ( minimum estimate out-of 51,000 homeless in Los Angeles alone ) in southern California, even more shocking news followed.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Within an hour of the initial report this evening, it was discovered that according to official government documents the Tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles has actually been known about for over 1-year ( since February 2012 ) by the U.S. federal government Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC / CDCP ) , State of California Department of Health, and County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, but that’s not all.

These government agencies have already budgeted funds since 2011 for ‘civil detention’ using ‘correctional facility housing units’ and ‘commandeered motels’ to ‘house and treat’ Tuberculosis infected people throughout southern California, but that’s not all.

Corporate America McDonald’s fast-food coupons are even budgeted by the government into Tuberculosis patient diets while being housed in these correctional housing units.

Here’s the order of what was discovered, when, just this evening…”

Read the original article for further information:


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