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ELISA LAM Mystery prediction like 9-11 and Boston Marathon Bombing Attack in CARD GAME “NWO ILLUMINATI” in 1995???

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HOW DID I MISS THIS.???? Another so called “coincidence” nobody mentioned before?? Or did i miss out on something???? image

Check out the other bizar simularities and strange coincedences in the case of Elisa Lam HERE.

Elisa Lam “mystery” depicted in the 1990’s turnbased NWO ILLUMINATI CARD GAME??!?????????

For more info on the game, check ou The it’s wiki page:

Have you ever heared of The card game that somehow “predicted/depicted” several major events that happend during this last decade?? I didnt. Apparently this game has been a hot item since the 911 conspiracy and events ever since but since i never realy was thinking about conspiracies i never payed attention. The game dates from 1990-1995 i believe so thats actually before, lets say, 9-11. Roight?
Well seems like mr Steve Jackson had some sort of crystal ball because some of the cards are pretty damn close to some of the carnage that we have seen since the year 2000.
(check here for predictions with other cards relating to some of the evil released among the public these last 13 years, because im sticking to the Elisa Lam mystery with this one:

NWO Illuminati card game

some Controversial 1995 released NWO Illuminati game cards

I have seen the cards depicting the twin towers strikes and the one with them on fire, the pentagon on fire, the tidalwave and nuclear disaster in japan, Obama policy backlashing etc. etc. before, but never really put much importance in them untill just these days in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bomb attacks and somebody pointed out to me that the attack was illustrated ( well, sorta) on one of the cards in this 90’s game NWO ILLUMINATI by Steve Jackson thus adding itself to the already existing myth of prediction , surrounding the game.

Lets see if we can connect some cards, previously without any meaning, to more recent events….. Well we can!

“JOGGERS” (1995)
Boston Marathon Attacks of April 2013?

Card caption: " No one ever suspects a harmless jogger..."

Card caption: ” No one ever suspects a harmless jogger…”

Intresting ressemblance huh??

This is serious food for the conspiracy theorist
So obviously it got my attention immediatly. Especialy when looking at all the other cards that relate to global events that happend these last 13 years. I started digging in and came across a complete list of cards involved in the game.

Check them out for yourself at;

But Hey now, helllllo!
did you notice this card named “ELIZA”??????
The lady depicted on this card is a gadget/program, as in a computer program. Look at her materialise at the top of her head. The description on the card also points out that ELIZA functions as a program or artificial intelligence.
The lady is also blue. This is another thing to think about. If you ever translated chinese webmedia discussing the Elisa Lam case, you will know that her name, Elisa Lam, translates to something like “BLUE CHILD”.


This is the card:

“ELIZA” (1995)
Elisa Lam mystery of February 2013?


Pay special attention to the caption of the card and its strenght description.


On a side note: (Wikipedia) ELIZA is a computer program and an early example of primitive natural language processing. ELIZA operated by processing users’ responses to scripts, the most famous of which was DOCTOR, a simulation of a Rogerian psychotherapist. Using almost no information about human thought or emotion, DOCTOR sometimes provided a startlingly human-like interaction. ELIZA was written at MIT by Joseph Weizenbaum between 1964 and 1966.

(Wikipedia) The ELIZA effect, in computer science, is the tendency to unconsciously assume computer behaviors are analogous to human behaviors.
In its specific form, the ELIZA effect refers only to “the susceptibility of people to read far more understanding than is warranted into strings of symbols — especially words — strung together by computers”. A trivial example of the specific form of the Eliza effect, given by Douglas Hofstadter, involves an automated teller machine which displays the words “THANK YOU” at the end of a transaction. A (very) casual observer might think that the machine is actually expressing gratitude; however, the machine is only printing a preprogrammed string of symbols.

Just saying…..

Isn’t all this just AWKWARD ? i mean, with the “myth” that sticks to this card game and the fishy cirumstances surrounding the mysterious case of Elisa Lam??????????

So Was she A chapter within an agenda? ….Of who then?
Who is playing the cards?…or atleast why does so many fit perfectly with some sinister plan straight out of a Marvel comic or the like…, was it Murder?,suicide? Or unfortunate accident, another false flag?….Or wut? did we , the internet, let ourselves be fooled into some freaky global goverment-engineered socialmedia project, with the girl as the doomed victim lured to here death amidst all of a sick psychological project? I mean,.. This elevator video and the whole lot of crazyness around it, the symbolism, all the connections, anagrams, poetry… I mean, it had a huge impact on alot of people world wide.
So much data.

Dont underestimate that.

I never believed in this Ilumminati shit, hell, i never gave it any thought untill i started seeing all connections.

The fact that it is awfully silence in the media after all the hype is not a good sign really. LAPD is clueless.

The toxicology report wont reveal anything im afraid and her end will always be a mystery.

So what will be the next card do you think huh?
February the strange unresolved case of Elisa Lam, in April The Boston marathon attack…, They start to follow rapidly.
Whats next?

To many questions to start a millenium.

Last ten years were dominated by 9-11 and it’s aftermath.
Lets see what they got for us this decade,…

I think we have seen nothing yet and they got a big suprise for us waiting.